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Los Titos Coffee Farm

A sustainable, organic paradise

We take pride in protecting our biodiversity. Sustainability is central at Los Titos Coffee Farm and it shows... Come visit our gardens, farm, orchid gardens and resident sloth family!
Los Titos Coffee Farm
Tel: (506) 88554838

Located in the beautiful Turrialba region of Costa Rica, this property is ideal for relaxing, enjoying nature, or for birdwatching.  

Turrialba Volcano

When was the last time you saw a volcanic eruption from the comfort of your own backyard? 


Other than the spectacular show this active volcano puts on from time to time, we are not in any way affected by its recent activity. Prevalent winds in the area blow smoke and ashes in the opposite direction. So don't let this discurage you from visiting us. On the contrary, come see it for yourself!

Picture taken 18 May, 2016

Check  out these video compilations from our garden... 

Wether its a quick trip or a long stay, Los Titos Coffee Farm offers comfort, relaxation and fun for all ages

You can often see the Great Kiskadees taking a morning bath in our pool! They love it, specially on sunny mornings like

this one...



Learn more about this avid flycatcher common to Latin America by clicking here.  

Screenshot 2022-01-13 16.12.40.png


Makala Fruits is a brand that was created by us at Los Titos. We produce a variety of healthy, plant-based dehydrated fruit snacks. The snacks have no added sugars or preservatives. You will be able to try samples of our dehydrated bananas, and various fruit leather snacks such with all natural flavors like: passion fruit, goldenberry, guava, beet or carrot & ginger.

Learn more about Makala Fruits here.

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